Office 2010 Reac­hes RTM — tiedoksi

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release-to-manu­fac­tu­ring (RTM) miles­tone for Office 2010, Sha­re­Point 2010, Visio 2010 and Pro­ject 2010!
RTM is the final engi­nee­ring miles­tone of a pro­duct release and our engi­nee­ring team has pou­red their heart and soul into reac­hing this miles­tone. It is also an appropriate time to re-emp­ha­size our sincere gra­ti­tude to the more than 5,000 orga­niza­tions and part­ners who have wor­ked with us on rapid deplo­y­ment and tes­ting of the pro­ducts. Since the start of our public beta in Novem­ber 2009, we’ve had more than 7.5 mil­lion people down­load the beta ver­sion – that’s more than 3 times the num­ber of 2007 beta down­loads! The feed­back that we’ve recei­ved from all these pro­grams has sha­ped the set of pro­ducts we’re exci­ted about, and that I’m sure will delight our customers.
Our Volume License cus­to­mers with active Software Assu­rance (SA) on these pro­ducts will be one of the first to receive the 2010 set of pro­ducts. They will be able to down­load the pro­ducts in English via the Volume Licen­sing Ser­vice Cen­ter star­ting April 27. Cus­to­mers wit­hout SA will be able to purc­hase the new pro­ducts through Volume Licen­sing from Mic­ro­soft part­ners star­ting May 1. 
Ear­lier this year we announced that we will officially launch Office 2010 to our busi­ness cus­to­mers on May 12 with Step­hen Elop, Pre­si­dent of Microsoft’s Busi­ness Divi­sion, deli­ve­ring a key­note as part of our vir­tual launch. Our vir­tual launch will allow people from around the globe to par­tici­pate in our launch by going to The vir­tual launch site will showcase pro­duct demos, cus­to­mer and part­ner tes­ti­mo­nials, and inter­views with pro­duct mana­gers and execu­ti­ves, and we hope this will give you anot­her great way to explore, learn, and get exci­ted about the 2010 releases.
Office 2010 will first become avai­lable in retail sto­res in June in the US, and cus­to­mers can pre-order these retail ver­sions of Office 2010 at today to receive Office when it beco­mes available.